Vita di Giovanni Battista (The Life of John the Baptist). La leggenda aurea


Dove finirono le reliquie di Giovanni Battista?

Notizie importanti e conferme ai nostri studi ci giungono poi da un altro testo interessante, "La leggenda aurea (The golden legend)":

It was not, however, on this day that John was beheaded, but during the Days of Unleavened Bread in the year preceding the passion of Christ. [...] In connection with the beheading, John Chrysostom exclaims: "John is the school of virtues, the guide of life, the model of holiness, the norm of justice, the mirror of virginity, the stamp of modesty, the exemplar of chastity, the road of repentance, the pardon of sinners, the discipline of faith - John, greater than man, equal of angels, sum of the Law, sanction of the Gospel, voice of the apostles, silence of the prophets, lantern of the world, forerunner of the Judge, center of the whole Trinity! And so great a one as this is given to an incestuous woman, betrayed to an adulteress, awarded to a dancing girl!"

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