'Beliar' nel III libro degli Oracoli sibillini


Quali azioni compiva Beliar?

Molto interessanti sono le informazioni che questo libro fornisce su Beliar e che vengono di seguito esposte:

From the Sebastenes Beliar shall come / Hereafter, and the height of hills shall he / Establish, and shall make the sea stand still / And the great fiery sun and the bright moon / 80 And he shall raise the dead, and many signs / Work before men: but nothing shall be brought / By him unto completion but deceit, / And many mortals shall be lead astray / Hebrews both true and choice, and lawless men / 85 Besides who never gave ear to God's word. / But when the threatenings of the mighty God / Shall draw near, and a flaming power shall come / By billow to the earth, it shall consume / Both Beliar and all the haughty men / 90 Who put their trust in him. 1

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