Nerone redivivo nel V libro degli Oracoli sibillini


. P 27/09/2006. E 04/07/2006.

Il falso Nerone si paragonava a Dio?

Un altro passo che i commentatori riferiscono all'impostore è il seguente presente nel V libro:

125 For there shall come a Persian on thy dale, / And like hail shall he all the land destroy, / And artful men, with blood and corpses. . . . / By sacred altars one of barbarous mind, / Strong, full of blood and raging senselessly, / 130 With countless numbers rushing to destruction. / And then shalt thou, in cities very rich, / Be very weary. Falling on the earth / All Asia shall wail on account of gifts / Crowning her head with which she was by thee / 135 Delighted. But, as he himself obtained / The Persian land by lot, he shall make war / And killing every man destroy all life, / So that there shall remain for wretched mortals / A third part. But with nimble leap shall he / 140 Himself speed from the West, and all the land / Besiege and waste. But when he shall possess / The height of power and odious reverence, / He shall come, wishing to destroy the city / Even of the blessed. And a certain king / 145 Sent forth from God against him shall destroy / All mighty kings and bravest men. And thus / Shall judgement by the Immortal come to men. [1]

[Il resto del documento è leggibile nel libro pubblicato]