I battesimi di Giovanni e il ruolo degli apostoli


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Quali erano gli apostoli principali citati in Pistis Sophia?

Proseguendo, troviamo una scena in cui Maria racconta di quando Gesù era assieme a Giuseppe in un campo {1033}, senza affermare quale tipo di parentela legasse i due (figlio e padre {567}). Poi la Maddalena ricorda a Gesù il battesimo che egli ricevette da Giovanni.

A questo punto interviene la madre Maria, descrivendo l'incarnazione di Gesù:

And Mary, the mother of Jesus, again came forward, fell down at his feet, kissed them and said: "My Lord, my son and my Saviour, be not wroth with me, but pardon me, that I may once more speak the solution of these words. 'Grace and truth met together,'--it is I, Mary, thy mother, and Elizabeth, mother of John, whom I have met. 'Grace' then is the power of Sabaoth in me, which went forth out of me, which thou art. Thou hast had mercy on the whole race of men. 'Truth' on the other hand is the power in Elizabeth, which is John, who did come and hath made proclamation concerning the way of Truth, which thou art,--who hath made proclamation before thee. And again, 'Grace and truth met together,'--that is thou, my Lord, thou who didst meet John on the day when thou hadst to receive the baptism. And again thou and John are 'Righteousness and peace kissed Of the incarnation of Jesus. each other.'--'Truth hath sprouted forth out of the earth, and righteousness looked down from heaven,'--this is, during the time when thou didst minister unto thyself, thou didst have the form of Gabriel, thou didst look down upon me from heaven and speak with me. And when thou hadst spoken with me, thou didst sprout up in me,--that is the 'truth,' that is the power of Sabaoth, the Good, which is in thy material body, that is the 'truth' which 'sprouted up out of the earth.'"

Molto avanti nel testo Gesù chiarisce perché le sue arti magiche non possano essere spiegate ad alcuno:

The mystery of the raising of the dead and of the healing of the sick, on the other hand, give unto no one nor give instruction in it, for that mystery belongeth to the rulers, it and all its namings. For this cause, therefore, give it unto no one, nor give instruction in it until ye establish the faith in the whole world, in order that, if ye come into cities or into countries, and they do not receive you unto themselves, and do not have faith, and do not hearken unto your words, ye may raise the dead in those regions and heal the lame and the blind and manifold of sicknesses in those regions. And through all such they will have faith in you, that ye herald the God of the universe, and will have faith in all the words of you. For this cause, therefore, have I given unto you that mystery, until ye establish the faith in the whole world.

e utilizza anche parole di Giovanni che ritroviamo nei Vangeli {1143}:

For this cause, therefore, hath John the Baptizer prophesied concerning me, saying: 'I indeed have baptized you with water unto repentance for forgiveness of your sins. He who cometh after me, is stronger than me. Whose fan is in his hand, and he will purify his floor. The chaff indeed he will consume with unquenchable fire, but the wheat he will gather into his barn.' The power in John hath prophesied concerning me, knowing that I would bring the mysteries into the world and purify the sins of the sinners who shall have faith in me and hearken unto me, and make them into refined light and lead them into the Light.

Gli apostoli si radunano per incontrare Gesù, in un modo simile a quelli letti altrove {1077}:

Thomas, Andrew, James and Simon the Cananite were in the west with their faces turned towards the east, and Philip and Bartholomew were in the south turned towards the north, and the rest of the disciples and the women-disciples stood back of Jesus. But Jesus stood at the altar.

A essi Gesù darebbe indistintamente quello che nei canonici viene affidato solo a Pietro {645}:

Jesus encourageth his disciples.Jesus said unto his disciples: "Be comforted and be not afraid, for ye are blessed, because I will make you lords over all these and put them in subjection under your feet. Remember that I have already said unto you before I was crucified: 'I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven.' Now, therefore, I say unto you: I will give them unto you."

Questo verso poi sembrerebbe confermare una diversa collocazione del Monte degli Ulivi, ponendolo in Galilea invece che vicino a Gerusalemme {934}:

And Jesus with his disciples remained on the Mount of Galilee.

Interessante appare inoltre la domanda posta in bocca a Giovanni e che riecheggia quanto abbiamo letto in un altro apocrifo {1169}:

John said: "A man who hath committed all sins and all iniquities, but at last hath found the mysteries of the Light, is it possible for him to be saved?" Even the greatest of sinners, if he repent, shall inherit the kingdom.Jesus said: "Such a man who hath committed all sins and all iniquities, and he findeth the mysteries of the Light, and performeth and fulfilleth them and ceaseth not nor doeth sins, will inherit the Treasury of the Light."