La fine di Stefano e Pilato


Chi seppellisce Stefano?

S: nella lapidazione di Stefano muoiono anche Nicodemo e Gamaliele. Pilato seppellisce Stefano.

Poi il racconto prosegue:

The people cast stones upon him so thickly that the light of the sun was darkened. Nicodemus and Gamaliel put their arms about him and shielded him, and were slain, and gave up their souls to Christ.

Stephen prayed, saying: Forgive them that stone us, for by their means we trust to enter into thy kingdom. And at the tenth hour he gave up the ghost. Then beautiful youths appeared, and fell upon the bodies and wept aloud: and the people beheld the souls borne up by angels into heaven, and saw the heavens open and the hosts coming to meet the souls. And the people mourned for three days and three nights.

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