Atti di Giovanni (The Acts of John). Seconda parte


Sotto quali sembianze Gesù aveva l'abitudine di farsi vedere?

S: scene di necrofilia. Gesù appare come un bambino oppure con volti diversi.

A un certo punto, però, capita che un giovane (di nome Callimaco, capo degli Efesini) si innamori di Drusiana, nonostante essa sia sposata:

63 And whereas there was great love and joy unsurpassed among the brethren, a certain one, a messenger of Satan, became enamoured of Drusiana, though he saw and knew that she was the wife of Andronicus. To whom many said: It is not possible for thee to obtain that woman, seeing that for a long time she has even separated herself from her husband for godliness' sake. Art thou only ignorant that Andronicus, not being aforetime that which now he is, a God-fearing man, shut her up in a tomb, saying: Either I must have thee as the wife whom I had before, or thou shalt die. And she chose rather to die than to do that foulness. If, then, she would not consent, for godliness' sake, to cohabit with her lord and husband, but even persuaded him to be of the same mind as herself, will she consent to thee desiring to be her seducer? depart from this madness which hath no rest in thee: give up this deed which thou canst not bring to accomplishment. 64 But his familiar friends saying these things to him did not convince him, but with shamelessness he courted her with messages;

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